do you feel me?

do you feel me?

have had quite a few days like this


sex and weight loss

I have always been a woman with a very high libido……with that said, not so much anymore!! I firmly believe that I has to do with my weight. My husband is so physically fit, he works out 3 days a week and walks the other 4, he eats very very healthy while I am sitting here filling my face with anything that I can find that I not good for me!! So needless to say when it comes down to having sex in the last year or so I haven’t found attractive to say the least. I am so hoping that getting this new “tool” of the vertical sleeve will help me with that as well. I never sat and thought just how much my weight affected almost every single thing I do.

protein shake anyone???

So I decided today to try a new approach to not being so hungry during the day. I decided to do protein shakes for breakfast and lunch and then have a nice dinner. I have to say so far so good. I think if I try to do it like this I won’t feel so deprived, I will be able to stick to the amount of calories I want to take in, and I won’t cheat (lack of better words). As far as the smoking goes, I have NO good news to report on that. I am going to go talk to my GP and see if she can maybe prescribe me something like Chantix or Wellbrutin to help with it. If I don’t quit smoking I will not be able to have this surgery and that for me is NOT an option!!

holidays and food ughhhh

so with yesterday being Easter I of all people was put in charge of making the dinner for my parents, my kids, and me and the hubby!! DEAR GOD WHY would they ask me to do that when they know I am in the process of doing weight loss surgery??? Don’t they realize that food is my worse enemy? needless to say I ate way more than I should have because I feel like I literally have no self control when around food……..especially good food and by good I don’t mean healthy!! So anyway I hopped back on the wagon today feeling guilty about indulging yesterday. How am I ever gonna do this? And omg don’t even get me started on the quitting smoking. I have absolutely no willpower over these two vices in my life and it fills me with such disappointment.

smoking and food

I feel like I have a relationship with these two things. For me quitting these is like giving up or losing 2 of the best friends I have ever had. I know that it is for all the right reasons but man oh man is it ever hard. I am hoping that blogging about it will help with the cravings and urges and take my mind off of it, so if you see a ton of posts from me that is why because I am going to use this to help me as one of my tools. I am also journaling my food intake and my feeling on paper as well. If you have any advice for me please feel free to comment

day 2 weight loss surgery journey

Well day two of trying to eat better to get ready for my weight loss surgery. I woke up this morning and I am not hungry at all as usual but I am going to try to eat some breakfast at least a boiled egg and greek yogurt for the protein. I am not a breakfast eater at all so this is a big deal for me. I also am still preparing to quit smoking which seems like the end of the world to me for whatever reason. Oh and I woke up with a zit the size of Canada on my nose this morning……..grrrrrrrrrr